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Penny Stroening

Penny Stroening

Blair, WI


Penny Stroening is a self-taught watercolorist. Having grown up in New York City made it possible to be exposed to the city's art culture. It was thrilling to see the many exhibits of both contemporary and old world painters. This exposure helped formulate the dream to one day paint.

She was drawn to watercolors because of its subtleness and boldness. This would be her medium of choice. Years later this dream would resurface and instructional books provided the basics.

She delights in finding moments in nature to paint. She loves to travel and photograph the usual, the unusual and the exceptional. She works mostly from photos, taken by herself or her husband, which she then sketches from before beginning a painting. She loves to be challenged to improve technique and discover alternate styles.

She has lived in Blair, Wisconsin for over 30 years, enjoying the quiet and privacy of life there. It nurtures her spirit to be creative.

Penny is a member of the LaCrosse Society of Arts and Crafts. This has provided the opportunity to take classes from local artists and be part of their annual Fall Watercolor Workshops. These workshops contracts distinguished artist/instructors for members to learn from and share.

"Blushing Tulips" was chosen in 2011 by the LaCrosse Community Foundation for their annual fundraiser. Penny was their "artist of the year".
It was an honor for her to represent this non-profit organization for their work in the community dedicated to helping women achieve their goals and improve their lives.

"The learning process is without end for which I am so thankful".


Port Costa by Penny Stroening


Point Bonita Lighthouse by Penny Stroening


Pacific Ocean by Penny Stroening


Mountain Stream by Penny Stroening


Rocky Ledge by Penny Stroening


Lighthouse on Wisconsin Point by Penny Stroening


Little Silo by Penny Stroening


House in San Francisco by Penny Stroening


Flat Tired by Penny Stroening


Driftwood-Wisconsin Point by Penny Stroening


Callas by Shack by Penny Stroening